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IN AUTO CAD WE TEACH MAINLY 2D. We will cover all menu, tool bar, command line,draw, edit command, dimensioning, text , isometric views, format , making own library, grid, layers, types of lines, line thickness, hatching , printing technique to the scale and scale to fit, converting to pdf, import export and more. as per architecture point of view.

3ds max
as i myself into professional 3d i teach form that point of view, our main focus is to reduce file size which can in kb as compared to other where it can be 700 MB. we import 2d drawn in AutoCAD and use this to create 3d in max. we cover entire create panel and most of modify command , spline and editing, applying materials, textures, maps, bumps, reflections, landscaping, setting camera, lightings, controlling shadows, rendering settings, saving image. then further effects in photo shop.

in Photoshop we teach building perspective related stuff, layers, tool bar, effects, different file format, image size controlling, types of selection, creating opacity maps which is used in 3ds max, effect given after importing 3ds max image and many more

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